Release of the GODUNOV code version 2.4

A new update of the GODUNOV code version 2.4 with several fixes:

  • more general default host file to support more compilers,
  • rename bext(:) to buni(:) for the uniform magnetic field components,
  • new parameter ‘dtres’ to determine the real time interval for storing the restart dumps,
  • new parameter ‘tsfor’ to indicate when the forcing should be shut down,
  • add a timer for the I/O operations,
  • rewrites and fixes in modules ALGEBRA, EQUATIONS, FORCING, INTEGRALS, MESH, SCHEMES, and TIMERS.

From now there is possibility to track all history changes of the code on (Update: the code is hosted on Bitbucket now, go to

Feel free to download the source code from the page Download and if you have any problems or questions, give me a feedback.

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