The GODUNOV code version 2.5

Another update of the GODUNOV code to version 2.5 with important changes:

  • in the new time step estimation include the acceleration from source terms, such as forcing or gravity; also print the time step limit resulting from the acceleration in the integral file,
  • implement magnetic field discontinuity detection in subroutine interpolate() in module OPERATORS, and improve discontinuity detection limits in derivative_1st(),
  • implement a new integration of the electromotive force for vector potential update using constrained transport upwind (CTU) method described by Gardiner & Stone (2005),
  • rewrite the isothermal HLLD solver,
  • compact the integration progress information printed on the screen; also print markers when the integrals, snapshots or restart files are written,
  • improve the Python and IDL subroutines to read variables, coordinates, and attributes from the HDF5 snapshots,
  • add better bounds for the random subvolume injection in module FORCING,
  • a few fixes in modules FORCING and MESH.

In order to track all history changes of the code go to (Update: the code is hosted on Bitbucket now, go to

Feel free to download the source code from the page Download and if you have any problems or questions, give me a feedback.

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